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State Class B tourney to be held in Mitchell on August 2nd to 13th, 2017

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State Class B tourney Starts August 2nd to 13th , 2017 in Mitchell

Updated 7/30/2017

2017 Class B Webstat link

Live video link- Class B SD Amateur tournament

2017 South Dakota Class B Bracket

2017 Class A Webstats

2016 SD Amateur Class A Webstats

South Dakota Baseball Coaches Association Link

Class B MVP 2016- Tyson Gau- Alexandria

Class B Batting Champion- Peyton Smith-Alexandria 12 for 22= .591 Average

Crofton Bluejays Sportsmanship

C lass A MVP 2016- Kevin Knetsch- Renner Monarchs

Battting Champion Class A-Brian McGuire-Renner Monarchs 13- for 22=.600Average

Hustler Class A-   2016 Michael Babcock -Aberdeen

Hustler Class B-  2016 Deon Entringer- Colman


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